Lunch Buffet Menu

December 5th 2022 Monday

Wild barn owls generally eat around four small mammals every night - that’s 1,460 per year! They usually swallow their food whole, before regurgitating bits of fur and bone as an owl pellet.

    • Sides

    • Southwest Turkey Burrito

    • Salads

    • Marinated Kale

    • Papa Pedro's Potato Salad

    • Southwestern Black Bean and Quinoa Salad

    • Thai Peanut Pasta

    • Sandwiches

    • Tuna Fish Salad Sandwich

    • Soups

    • Tomato Rice Soup

    • Baked Goods

    • Gluten Free Cheesy Broccoli Bake

    • Half and Half Pizza



Our hot bar and salad bar are back to self-service. The salad bar is available from 9-4 and our hot bar is open 11-1.  Learn more here.