Lunch Buffet Menu

Monday, August 20th

    • Entrees

    • Tuna Casserole

      Wheat penne in a thyme & white wine cream sauce, w/ tuna, onions & peas, & topped w/ a potato chip crust

    • Sides

    • Balsamic-Tamari Mushrooms

      A medley of mushrooms, marinated &  slow-simmered in balsamic vinegar, tamari, olive oil & garlic



    • Broccoli w/ Vegan "Cheese" Sauce

      Steamed broccoli florets topped w/ a creamy, tofu-based "cheese" sauce



    • Roasted Kale

      Kale roasted w/ garlic & olive oil



    • Spicy Potatoes

      Red potatoes roasted w/ olive oil & cumin seeds



    • Salads

    • Basque

      Assorted bell peppers, onions & cucumbers in a vinaigrette

    • Curried Carrots w/ Currants

    • Peanut Butter Szechuan

    • Sandwiches

    • Egg Salad

    • Soups

    • Cream of Celery

    • Wild Rice & Mushroom

    • Baked Goods

    • Pizza

      Oceana spelt dough, marinara & a blend of cheeses, topped w/ roasted tomatoes, leeks, red onion, fennel bulb & olive-oil poached garlic

    • Apple-Cinnamon Scones

      w/ pumpkin seeds

    • Blackberry-Apricot Scones


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Hot soup and baked goods daily!