Lunch Buffet Menu

Friday, September 22nd

    • Entrees

    • Chicken Fajitas

      Applegate Farms Chicken Breast w/ bell peppers, onions & zucchini roasted w/ a blend of Mexican spices



    • Green Chile Enchiladas

      Layers of corn tortillas & a blend of cheeses baked w/ green chile enchilada sauce


    • Sides

    • Chili-Mango Roasted Rainbow Carrots

      Carrots & mango roasted in olive oil, chili & honey



    • Refried Beans

      Pinto Beans slow-simmered w/ garlic, onions, green chiles & a blend of Mexican seasonings



    • Salads

    • Pea Salad

    • Pacific Waldorf

    • Quinoa Cumin & Lime

    • Sandwiches

    • Turkey

    • Soups

    • North African Split Pea

    • Very Creamy Vegetable Chowder

    • Baked Goods

    • Classic Vegetarian Pizza

      Oceana spelt dough & a blend of cheeses topped w/ peppers, onions, black olives & mushrooms

    • Strawberry Creme Scones

    • Nectarine & Poppy Seed Scones


Deli Information

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Hot Bar:
M-F 11AM-2PM

Hot soup and baked goods daily!