About Oceana Natural Foods Cooperative

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Oceana Natural Food Cooperative was formed in 1977 and opened its first store.  A group of people pooled their money to set up Newport's first purveyor of Organic food and food available in bulk.  For decades, Oceana Natural Food Cooperative has specialized in selling Organic food.  We have a buying policy that gives guidance to purchasing natural food:  without chemical preservatives, flavorings, colorings, etc.  The store purchases local products including cheese, soap, cards, produce, and more.  The store's large bulk food selection provides a means for customers to purchase food without excess packaging. We stock wheat free, gluten free, and dairy free products for people with allergies.

Oceana has a sit-down eating area with a salad bar and hot food bar on weekdays.  Hot soup and baked goods are available daily.  All of our prepared food is made in-house by our staff.  Please check "About the store" for more information about everything the store has to offer.


Our hot bar and salad bar are self-service. The salad bar is available from 9-2 PM and our hot bar is open from  10-2ish.   Learn more here.