In The Store

Our natural foods cooperative supplies quality, wholesome and nutritious foods at the lowest possible prices, emphasizing organically grown foods.

  • All of our produce is Organic.  Local produce is carried when available.
  • Biodegradable household cleaners, unbleached toilet paper, and other eco-friendly products.
  • Buying in bulk means buying just what you need.  Many Organic bulk food items including cereals, beans, cooking oil, herbs & spices, nuts, seeds, dried fruit.  Grind your own peanut butter.  Bring in your own containers to fill.
  • Organic wine, including sulfite-free wine.
  • Our vitamin and supplement selection includes herb tinctures, encapsulated herbs, homeopathic remedies, internal cleansing kits, and protein powders.
  • A complete grocery section including Organic and natural products both refrigerated and shelf stable.
  • All Organic and shade-grown whole bean coffee and many varieties of tea in bulk.
  • American produced pet food available canned, bagged food and by the pound.
  • Many varieties of frozen natural and Organic meat including turkey, chicken, lamb, pork, buffalo and beef.  There is also a wide variety of frozen juice, fruit, vegetables, entrees, and dessert items.
  • Wheat free and gluten free items throughout the grocery, chill and frozen departments.
  • Health and beauty products, both packaged and in bulk.
  • Calendars, socks, greeting cards, garden supplies, tote bags, incense, candles.
  • A selection of cookbooks and other health related books.


Our hot bar and salad bar are self-service. The salad bar is available from 9-2 PM and our hot bar is open from  10-2ish.   Learn more here.